Singapre Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year 2018 in Singapore takes place in February. This festival marks the transition from the winter to the summer season. This festival is mostly followed according to the lunar calendar and is often referred to as Spring Festival in Singapore.

Singapore celebrates this occasion as a national festival. This day is a major holiday across the nation. During this period almost all the commercial centers and the shops remain closed all over the country. In fact over the year this festival has transformed into a national holiday. The traditional Chinese New Year in Singapore  is celebrated with feasts and firecrackers.

Another significant feature of the Chinese New Year eve celebration in Singapore is the Lion Dance. This dance forms an important part of Chinese culture and is an integral part of the New Year. The Lion Dance includes movements from kung fu and local dances. This format of celebration includes everything that is native to China.

During the festival the nation experiences massive firecrackers in the Beach Road of Bugis and China town. These two locations have the highest concentration of Chinese population in Singapore. Thus during the celebration the two locations resembles the original land of China .In fact the Bugis and Chinatown is internationally recognized for the Spring Festival.

During the night time the firecrackers are replaced by the merrymaking of the local inhabitants of Esplanade Park. The merrymaking is mostly done by Chingay Parade of Dreams. The merrymaking creates a vibrant atmosphere resembling a real New Year Eve.

Another main feature of the Chinese New year celebration in Singapore is the parade organized by local Chinese families. The participants of the parade decorate themselves with colorful costume, painted face and festive music. The air is filled with happiness and cheer.

Another important part of the Chinese New Year eve in Singapore is the cultural expo at Esplanade Park popularly known as the River Hong Bao. The celebration involves distribution of red envelopes with Singapore dollar.

The city experience huge inflow of tourists during the Spring festival and Chinese New Year occasion. Therefore it is always recommended to have a prior booking. The visitors can simply log on to the official site of Beach Road and locate a hotel in the Bugis or China Town. It is better to opt for hotels that are near the celebration location.